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Plan Your Home lift Before Construction of Building

When talking about lifts, you might be thinking about huge boxes that lift people up above those skyscrapers or shopping malls. There are different types of lifts like dumbwaiters, hospital lifts, goods lifts, etc… But, most people are not aware of the fact that one can build lifts in your home itself. Residential lifts are becoming common in Kerala. There are many elevator companies in Kerala that build affordable elevator systems that fit customers’ needs and align with the design of house interiors.

People prefer lifts because stairs can be unsafe for elders as well as kids. The advantage of having lifts inside your house is that they help ease the transport, provide more safety (than stairs) for elders. With the high-tech features included in modern elevator systems, even kids can use the lifts with proper safety measures. Apart from that, having an elevator system inside your house can increase the value of the property if you have plans to sell.

Modern houses often come with a good elevator system. However, we need to plan things ahead if you are planning to build one. You will have to allocate the required amount of space for the elevator system to be installed. When planning that you will have to understand the main purpose of the elevator and the number of people that will be using the elevator at a time. If you want it to use for other purposes like wheelchair requirements you’ll need to allocate extra space. It is important to look into these details before setting up the elevators. During the building planning itself, you have to provide provision for lifts. Else you will have to amend the plan and re-apply for approval. If proper planning is not done, you will end up spending more than the required budget for setting up the elevator in your house. You will also have to check for the legality and proper approval orders from the authorities too. There are many home lift manufacturing companies in Kochi, Kerala who can help you with that.

Infra Elevators is the first lift manufacturing company in Kerala with its Head Office At Kochi and own manufacturing facility at Alappuzha. We help you build customized home elevators and lifts with innovative designs. The process is really simple- you can visit your nearby production facility or head office (Kochi) and get an idea of the various designs we have. We will show you the various features and finishes. Once that is done, we can design and build the required lift system after looking at the space that you have. It can take only one day to complete these design processes. Within 15 days we can supply the material and in the coming 10 days, we can complete the installation. 

We have already completed 250+ home lifts in Kerala. If requested customers can check the already set up home lifts with other customers. We aim to provide the best customer experience when you consider us with 24*7 customer support. So, what are you waiting for? For any further help, we are here to help you. Contact us now.