Home Elevators specially designed product for Individual Houses.
Home elevators empower family members irrespective of their age & health condition to move around the home safely, freely with peace of mind. With the support of an in-house manufacturing facility, INFRA can accommodate all possible requirement like space usage, aesthetic appearance etc.


A passenger lift has a fully enclosed elevator car that travels within a specially prepared lift shaft used basically to transport people between floors of offices, malls; shopping spaces and so on. Passengers are transported between floors at a convincingly good speed. The control systems are designed to provide utmost economical & reliable traffic movement. With the help of state of the art manufacturing facility, Infra can customize passenger elevator to the requirement of each building, satisfying the developer/ architecture’s requirements, irrespective of capacity, speed etc.


Infra provide a vertical transportation solution for hospitals & apartments, were in patients can be transported in structure easing the task of medical service providers. We manufacture Bed elevators facilitating transportation of patients from rooms to Operation Theater on the same bed. We take extra care to assure the elevator runs without jerks & inconvenience to patients. Infra with the help of the manufacturing facility is capable of customizing /providing elevators to the hospitals and residential buildings, enabling them to comply with local regulation in respect of area/capacity of elevators.


Dumbwaiters are compact Non-human Vertical transport product, used in a variety of commercial buildings – Restaurants, Hospitals, Clinical Labs, Offices, Textiles, Retail shop etc. Dumbwaiters or customized according to the environment and type of usage, the capacity ranges from 50kg to 1000kg. It can be delivered as Modular equipment with the structure or in a disassembled package.


As people migrate to cities in search of jobs & better facilities, the vehicle population to increases requiring the building to find parking within their premises leading to designated parking floors, in such scenarios transporting of vehicles such as cars requires elevator with bigger floor area. Infra manufactures car lifts enabling smooth movements of cars of all sizes our car lifts are delivered on a promise of breakthrough quality, safety and unsurpassed engineering excellence. A legacy of superior craftsmanship is built deep into each of these automotive lifting systems.


Escalator is a moving staircase, used mainly to transport large numbers of people. It is mainly installed in facilities were the traffic is high like Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Foot Over bridge etc. Escalators assure smooth flow of large number of people from one floor to another without waiting time like an elevator.  INFRA imports the escalators from leading global manufacturer and installation is carried out by manufacturer trained INFRA technicians assuring our clients reliable after sales services, with full backup of spare parts.


With ever-increasing vehicle populations, parking of them is becoming a headache to Builders, Facility owners & governmental authority. INFRA’s parking solutions are capable of increasing the presently available parking capacity according to the requirement of stakeholders..